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ScanDoc Overview

ScanDoc is a Perl script which scans C++ source code for specially-formatted comments and produces attractive, organized, indexed documentation.

ScanDoc is designed to generate the highest-quality documentation with as little effort as possible on the part of the programmer writing the code to be documented. To this end, ScanDoc not only uses the documentation supplied by the programmer, but supplements it by parsing the actual C++ data structure declarations.

Unlike other documentation scanners, Scandoc is themable, meaning that the appearance of the output documentation can be controlled via a "template" file. Check out the examples of ScanDoc output. Complete documentation is included in the distribution and is also available on-line.

ScanDoc was written by Talin and is currently maintained by James Dean Palmer. ScanDoc may be freely distributed under the Artistic License (see COPYING included in the archive).

ScanDoc is Copyright ©1997-2000.

The Latest News


ScanDoc has moved! ScanDoc is now being maintained at SourceForge. A new release with a number of bug fixes is also available.
Download the Software
  1. You can get the latest code from CVS
  2. Or you can get the latest tarball at

* SourceForge CVS documentation

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